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Atacama was incepted for catering to the workforce of manufacturing and service industry and the brands in apparel and accessories spread across diverse sectors around the globe. Being already established as one of the leading players in the global market for manufacturing and export of this range of products, we decided to launch the brand offering products and services unique to the requirement of tropical climates. A smart and functional uniform or Work gear brings dignity and identity to the wearer at all walks of work life.

This motto refers not only to the comfort of wearing proper apparel during the strenuous work hours but also to adding an element of Style, Image, wearability and Functionality to it. 

Through our assorted range of apparel and accessories, Atacama not only caters to direct consumers through its secured new-age B2C functionality but also larger bulk requirements for business enterprises and corporates through its integrated B2B options.

Our tag line “Let’s Work” encompasses this philosophy of gearing the user with suitable clothing to ensure safety and protection with ease of movement for enhanced performance. 
Water and Energy Conservation Initiatives

Water and Energy Conservation Initiatives

Staff Education and Welfare

Staff Education and Welfare

Green Initiative and Reducing Carbon Footprints

Green Initiative and Reducing Carbon Footprints

Water Conservation:

  • Rainwater and water from the hills are collected and harvested in underground holes made in the factory.

  • Garden Watering done through the used and collected rainwater.

  • Water waste from canteens, washing, etc. is collected in wastewater pit (underground tanks) and recycled for various usage.

Energy Conservation:

  • All machines with Servo motors to save power. 

  • 200 KVA generator installed to avoid work disruption due to power cuts.

  • Skylights and large windows help channel Sunlight in office and work areas during the daytime to reduce the requirement for artificial lighting.

  • All staffs and workers are educated and monitored to turn off their lights, respective machines and/or equipment while leaving their workstation.

  • Most areas are updated with LED lightings and automatics motors to reduce the electricity consumption and usage.

  • Machines are fitted with topical LEDs which reduces the need for the large general lighting on factory floor.

Education :

  • Training centre for workers to train them for the garment industry and make them employable.

  • Graphic and detailed instruction manuals for all staffs for QMS, HSE, Social and Ethical Code of Conduct.

  • HSE (Health-Safety-Environment) and First-Aid Teams are present, trained by professionals.

  • General Education and in terms of human rights responsibility and dignity are provided to all staffs and workers with emphasis on female workers.

  • Educational Programs are conducted on spreading awareness about the environment and its conservation.

  • Educating workforce on the effects of resource misuse, control and management.

Welfare :

  • Full time medical nurse practitioner and immediate care in medical centre are provided for in the plant for and medical need or injury to workers.

  • Transportation and subsidized Meals for all staffs.

  • Help and Donation to family on death of a staff/worker through Worker-Management Drive Council which acts to provide solutions to all social problems prevalent within the factory and worker.

Plantation and Recycling:

Regular Plantation of new trees done, around 25 the past year, total around 500 since inception. Rainwater harvesting and conservation at the facility. Fabric waste is Recycled through segregation and utilized locally. Food waste: extra food is sent to local farms and animals especially in pig farms.

Restriction of Toxic Chemicals:

Designated area and workforce to store and use all chemical substances in the factory. Training and education provided to staffs for proper usage of toxic chemicals and waste while promoting usage of protective equipment. Toxic chemicals are prevented from being wasted and from going into nature.

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